Our clean 5 self-serve bays and 1 oversized vehicle bay offer a variety of high-end products that allows you to pick and choose what you’d like to apply to your vehicle.

Price: $3 to start the self wash and it includes 3 minutes of washing. After first 3 minutes, every 1 minute costs $1.

Your options include:

  • Presoak
  • High pressure soap
  • High pressure rinse
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Tire cleaner
  • Foaming brush (made of hog’s hair)
  • Ice Instant Shine**
  • Hand-held air chamois (not in the oversized bay)

All of our products are environmentally friendly and every bay has music.

** Ice Instant Shine – Polymer sealant that instantly bond to exterior surfaces increasing water beading, improving foul weather visibility and makes future cleaning much easier. Repels water and dirt while enhancing the drying effect on the vehicle surface

Accepting Visa, Master Card and our Pre-Paid Cards