Do you wash trucks?

Yes. However, we do not allow highway trucks and dump trucks to be cleaned at our location. All other oversized vehicles are allowed. Our oversized vehicle bay is equipped with an extender boom to allow the brush and pressure gun to move around your vehicle.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard at our automatic tellers and all self-serve bays. The vacuum and fragrance stations only accept loonies and toonies.

Do you take debit cards?

No, we accept have installed an ATM at the change machine to withdrawal cash and get change from the change machine.

Are the car washes safe for vehicles with aftermarket accessories?

Any vehicles with stock accessories are perfectly fine for the carwash. However, some aftermarket accessories will not cause any problems to receive a quality wash. We suggest customers with loose trim or paint chipping away should refrain to use the automatic washes.

Is it safer to wash your car by hand at home?

Rags and sponges used in driveway washing inevitably become impregnated with tiny particles of grit and can scratch your vehicle’s surface. Furthermore, garden hoses typically have inadequate water pressure to remove all the soap film, letting it ‘bake’ into the finish and work its way into the paint for days afterward. In fact, professional studies have shown that the good old driveway car wash is one of the worst things that can happen to a car’s factory paint job.

Is the wash safe for convertibles?

Yes, please make sure the roof is properly latched.

How often should I wash my car?

We advise our customers to wash their vehicles weekly. Dirt works into the paint and deteriorates the surface of the paint due to many types of pollutants in road dirt. It is best to remove insect residue, bird droppings, and other residue as soon as possible to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint.

What’s so bad about driveway/alley car washing?

Since storm drains are not a part of the wastewater system, materials emptied into them do not go to wastewater treatment facilities. Driveway car washing not only introduces chemicals from soaps and detergents into the water system, it also loosens toxic particles that have accumulated on your car, such as lead, phosphates, motor oil, asphalt, and antifreeze and releases them directly into our streams and lakes.

Will the car wash brushes scratch my car?

The Feather Touch Wash uses 100% soft cloth to clean your vehicle. Our brushes are composed of small tightly compressed fibres will keep the dirt on the surface of the material which will allow the dirt to be easily washed off the cloth with existing spray nozzles. These small fibres act like millions of tiny polishing fingers to provide the cleanest wash possible.

I have the protective coating on my undercarriage so why do I need to have the undercarriage treatment?

Our undercarriage treatment removes salt, sand and other road contaminants that are present year round. The undercarriage of your car also takes tremendous punishment from small stones that are kicked up by your tires. These stones bombard the undercarriage and nick your undercarriage’s protection and may expose bare metal. Once rust gets a foothold it will spread regardless of the protection.