Elite Auto Spa would like to offer your non-profit organization an opportunity to participate in a simple fundraiser that allows you to keep 50% of the net sales proceeds by selling car wash certificates. (Any unsold certificates can be returned for a full refund.)

Program Benefits

    • Any unsold certificates can be returned for a full refund
    • The customer can use the certificate at their convenience
    • The certificates never expire
    • You’ll be offering a quality product with a well established and respected company
    • You’ll give your contributors something of real value for their contribution
    • You can sell more than one ticket at a time, resulting in an increase in profit for your organization
    • You can sell car wash certificates any time of the year (even winter)
    • Your fundraiser doesn’t have to be limited to a day or weekend
    • You won’t have to worry about chemicals, finding a facility, or liability held by your organization during your fundraising event
    • Everyone in the organization can participate in the program

Please contact Raman at [email protected]