How to wash your vehicle properly

When washing a vehicle, it can be easy to ruin a perfectly corrected finish by not taking the proper steps to eliminate swirling and paint marring. Here are Main three steps to consider when washing a car:

  1. Make sure you use three buckets for the exterior of the vehicle and at least two different-colored wash mitts, along with a soft round brush with bristles approximately two inches in length, and a wooden or plastic handle with no metal components. One bucket should have an appropriate amount of car wash shampoo that is super soft, slick, and safe for all surfaces, while the other two should have plain H2O.All three buckets should have at least one grit guard each, and should be labeled as buckets 1, 2, and 3. Bucket 3 should have your wash mitts, soapy water and a grit guard, while buckets 1 and 2 should just have the H2O and grit guards. Use one wash mitt starting at the centerline of the vehicle and slowly work your way down.Make sure each time you use the wash mitt it is rinsed in bucket 1, then again in bucket 2, and then soak it in the soapy water in bucket 3 before bringing it back to your vehicle. Repeat the steps with your other, different-colored wash mitts for the lower portion of your vehicle and bumpers. Follow up in the hard-to-reach areas with the soft brush, such as bumper gaps, the fuel filler compartment, and other areas that a wash mitt can’t reach.
  2. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly, ensuring you have removed all soap and dirt from the surface. To eliminate the chance of swirling and marring, dry your vehicle with an electric blower, similar to what you’d see at a hardware store, or use a Master Blaster (a high-powered blower designed for drying vehicles). To ensure the air coming out of the blower is clean, never use the blower for anything other than drying your vehicle(s).
  3. Spray a light mist of spray sealant or spray wax on the vehicle surface and wipe clean with a soft, thick-ply microfiber for a scratch-free finish.

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