Are you a car owner in Surrey looking to give your vehicle the pampering it deserves? Look no further than Elite Auto Spa, your premier destination for professional car wash services. We understand that your car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a reflection of your personality and style. That’s why we offer a range of top-notch car wash packages designed to meet the unique needs of Surrey drivers. With our state-of-the-art facility, highly skilled staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide your vehicle with the care it deserves. Let’s dive into our exclusive car wash packages and see which one suits you best.

High-Quality Car Wash Packages to Suit Every Budget

At Elite Auto Spa, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality car wash services, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer a variety of car wash packages to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a quick touch-up or a comprehensive cleaning, we have the perfect package for you. Let’s take a closer look at our offerings:

Please note that prices are subject to change, so we recommend contacting us for the most up-to-date information.

Quick Wash: An Efficient Solution for a Shiny Ride

Price: $14 ($13.33/+tax)

Our Quick Wash package is perfect for busy Surrey drivers who need a fast and effective cleaning solution. In just a short amount of time, we’ll have your vehicle looking fresh and shiny. This package includes two soaps, a thorough rinse, a flash dry, spot-free rinse, underbody/side blasters, tri-colour foam, rust inhibitor, bug prep, and a finishing touch of Ice Instant Shine**. It’s a quick and affordable option that guarantees a clean and well-maintained appearance for your car.

Basic Wash: Elevate Your Car’s Aesthetics

Price: $16 ($15.24/+tax)

If you’re looking to give your vehicle a bit more attention, our Basic Wash package is an excellent choice. In addition to the services provided in the Quick Wash, this package includes an extra layer of care and attention. We’ll ensure your car receives a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, leaving it looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Our team will treat your vehicle with the utmost care, using top-quality products and techniques to achieve the best results.

Deluxe Wash: Experience the Difference

Price: $18 ($17.14/+tax)

For Surrey drivers who desire an even higher level of car wash service, our Deluxe Wash package is the perfect fit. This comprehensive package includes all the features of the Basic Wash, with an added emphasis on attention to detail. Our experienced technicians will go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle looks its absolute best. From meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny to providing an exceptional finish, our Deluxe Wash is designed to exceed your expectations.

Ultimate Wash: The Epitome of Car Care Excellence

Price: $20 ($19.05/+tax)

For the ultimate car care experience, our Ultimate Wash package is the crème de la crème of our car wash services. This premium package includes all the services provided in the previous packages, along with additional benefits to elevate your car’s aesthetics and protection. We’ll give your vehicle a royal treatment, leaving it gleaming and protected from the elements. Our Ultimate Wash is perfect for those who want nothing but the best for their beloved cars.

Flexibility and Outstanding Service

At Elite Auto Spa, we understand that your car wash needs may vary over time. That’s why we offer flexibility and the option to customize our packages to suit your preferences. Whether you want to upgrade to a higher package or add specific services, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to

assist you. We strive to provide outstanding service and ensure that every customer leaves our facility with a smile.

Other Services: Beyond Car Washes

At Elite Auto Spa, we are more than just a car wash facility. In addition to our top-notch car wash packages, we also offer a range of other services to enhance your vehicle ownership experience. These include:

  • Feather Touch Car Wash: A gentle and precise car wash technique that ensures your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention.
  • Touchless Car Wash: An advanced car wash method that utilizes cutting-edge technology to achieve a thorough clean without any physical contact.
  • Self-Serve Washing Stations: For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we provide self-serve washing stations equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.
  • EV Charging – Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations: As electric vehicles gain popularity, we’ve adapted to meet the needs of Surrey’s eco-conscious drivers by providing EV charging stations for your convenience.

Choose Elite Auto Spa for Unmatched Car Wash Services in Surrey

At Elite Auto Spa, we are committed to delivering exceptional car wash services that exceed your expectations. Our team of skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facility, and attention to detail set us apart from the competition. We take pride in our work and treat every vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring a spotless and gleaming finish.

Visit our facility in Surrey to experience the Elite Auto Spa difference. Our affordable prices, customizable packages, and outstanding customer service make us the preferred choice for car wash services in Surrey and beyond. Please note that prices are subject to change, so we recommend contacting us for the most up-to-date information.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your vehicle. Choose Elite Auto Spa and let us take care of your car’s cleanliness and shine.

Remember, in addition to our exceptional car wash packages, we also offer other services like Feather Touch Car Wash, Touchless Car Wash, Self-Serve Washing Stations, and EV Charging – Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations. We are your one-stop destination for all your vehicle maintenance needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and give your car the VIP treatment it deserves.